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MetalCloak Iconic "HEXAGON" Smokeless Fire Pit (UNSHIPPABLE)

MetalCloak Iconic "HEXAGON" Smokeless Fire Pit (UNSHIPPABLE)

SKU: PB1011

Unshipable!! Must pick up at Fox Creek Garage

MetalCloak Iconic Hexagon Fire Pit is a near "smokeless" experience that allow users to enjoy the heat of a fire with the durability and style of a USA made product.

Features include...

  • 100% Made in the USA
  • Over 19 Inches in Diameter
  • Solid and Sturdy Iconic Hex Design
  • Laser Cut "M" icon for additional AirFlow
  • Constructed of Strong Raw Steel
  • Portable Enough to Take With You
  • Solid Enough to be a Permanent Fixture
  • Uncoated Steel to Promote a Rustic Rusted Patina
  • True Dual Wall "AirFlow" Technology for Near Smokeless Burn
  • "FlameCloak" Engulfs Fuel and Burns HOT for Maximized Warmth

MetalCloak Iconic Hexagon Fire Pit is made 100% in the USA. Crafted from multiple pieces of formed and welded raw steel. Uncoated steel is used to promote oxidation that will create a rustic/rusted patina.

Hexagon fire pit uses True Dual Wall "AirFlow" Technology that creates the super hot, non-patented "FlameCloak" that engulfs fuel for a near smokeless burn that maximizes everyone's enjoyment.

This is Not an imported fire pit, this is 100% made in America

Note: Use of MetalCloak Iconic Hexagon Fire Pit may provide hours of enjoyment and fantastic memories with your friends and Family

Note: Fire Pit is recommended for ONLY burning wood and will get HOT when in use. Do Not Touch

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