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Adventure Rack Systems 4-Door Lo-Pro Mod Rack | JK Wrangler (UN SHIPPABLE)

Adventure Rack Systems 4-Door Lo-Pro Mod Rack | JK Wrangler (UN SHIPPABLE)

SKU: R55040

This Product is unshippable MUST BE PICKED UP AT FOX CREEK GARAGE.

The 4-Door Lo-Pro Mod Rack System is innovative roof rack system available for the Jeep Wrangler. The mod rack requires no external rear hoop and integrates with the factory roll cage for unprecedented strength and stability. The large 2” x .120 Wall Steel tube system is used for maximum strength while the lightweight aluminum platform distributes the load of the bulky cargo evenly.

Features Include:

Allows for Freedom Top Removal

Compatible with the 4-Door JK Wrangler

Strong 2" Diameter Steel Tube Front Hoop

1 5/8” x .095 Wall Steel Tube Roof Rails

12GA Aluminum Mod Rack Platform

2” x .120 Wall Steel Tube Rear Hoop

Front Hoop Weld-on Grab Handles

CNC Clamps with Threaded Bolt Holes

Low Profile Design

Engineered Tube Bend for a Stronger & Sturdier Support Structure

Protection for Windshield Assembly

Slip Resistant Dimpled Platform

Mounts Directly to Hard Top

Integrates to Factory Roll Cage

Reduces Drag & Increases Fuel Economy

375 Dynamic Load Capacity

800 Static Load Capacity

Industrial Grade Corrosion Resistant Hardware

Easy Installation

Accessories Mount Directly to the Rack System

Finished in Black Texture Powdercoat

Can Be Run Without Hard Top

Made in the USA

The Rocklander Front Hoop mount is a one-piece design and is made of strong 2” diameter steel tube. The hoop is a solid anchoring point for accessories and provides protection for the window assembly. The Rocklander Front Hoop comes with convenient welded 1” tube handles for additional safety and provide easier access to the optional Kat Walk accessory and the roof rack.

The lo-pro roof rails are made of a high grade 1 5/8” diameter steel tube and have engineered front bends creating a stronger and sturdier support when wheeling. The roof rails have a low profile design making the center of gravity as low as possible allowing for reduced drag and increased fuel economy when loaded. The rails expand the length of the roof, attaching to the mod rack platform in the rear using weld-on 10GA hot rolled steel brackets and are equipped with CNC steel billet clamps that are secured to the front hoop.

The mod rack platform is made of sturdy segmented 12GA aluminum and is dimpled to provide a no slip surface. The front of the aluminum platform has an engineered bend that follows the contours of the hard top for better wind resistance and increased fuel economy. The aluminum platform supports (375lbs dynamic) and allows for a load capacity of 850lbs (static).

The aluminum base is held together with 1½” aluminum rails that mount directly to the hard top and comes with weather gaskets to prevent water from getting into the interior of your Jeep. The platform rails are designed with extrusions on all sides that allow accessories to be mounted and adjusted with ease. The rails are finished with bolt-on finishing caps to prevent the adjustable accessories from detaching when out on the trails.

The rear hoop mount is the heart of this innovative support system. The extended rear roll bar hoop is a one-piece design and is made of strong 2” diameter steel tube. Unlike the typical, the mod rack rear hoop is mounted on the interior of the Jeep and is equipped with CNC steel billet clamps that integrates with the factory roll cage and has a clamping force of 800lbs.

The entire lo-pro mod rack system comes with corrosion resistant hardware and is finished in a durable black texture powdercoat to protect it against the elements when on the roads or out on the trails.

Note: The lo-pro mod rack will only work for a 4-Door JK Wrangler.

Note: The front hoop Kat Walk (R60255) is sold separately.

  • Installation


    Installation DifficultyModerate

    Body ModificationSome Drilling

    Time to Install4 -6 Hours

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